Monday, September 17, 2007

Industrial action committee to meet Wednesday

The decision of the UNISON NJC Committee to request an industrial action ballot has now been endorsed by the Service Group Executive for Local Government and will go forward to the Industrial Action Committee of the NEC.

I am afraid that I am not a member of that Committee having not been elected to it by my NEC colleagues – so there is no point lobbying me about this decision!

The Industrial Action Committee will have to choose whether to endorse the views of the elected representatives of our largest Service Group, reflecting the will of the Service Group Conference and offering an excellent opportunity to recruit and organise members around a fight against a below-inflation pay rise.

There may be those who feel that the cost of an industrial action ballot is a million pounds, that really our members ought to have been consulted for a third time on marginal changes to a poor offer, and that the job of union leadership is not to offer a decisive lead but rather a warm welcome to a change of tone at Number 10 Downing Street.

I shouldn’t think that the latter will hold sway, but the great thing about a lay led Union is that ordinary members like you and me get to make the decisions – and other ordinary members can express the views of our branches directly to the decision makers.

So here is the membership of the Industrial Action Committee in case you wish to contact them;

Sarah Barwick

Susan Brearley

Louise Couling

Emma Goodall

Moz Greenshields

Diana Leach

Angela Lynes (Chair)

Ann Macmillan Wood

Annette Mansell-Green

Stephen Mead (Vice-Chair)

Kevin Naylor

Jessie Russel

Samantha Selon

Fiona Smith

Irene Stacey

Norma Stephenson

Sian Stockham

Linda Sweet

Sofi Taylor

Jean Thorpe

Roger Bannister

Jim Burnett

Mike Hayes

Colm Magee

Bob Oram

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