Saturday, September 08, 2007

Support Fremantle workers online

Check out the news from Barnet UNISON!

The online campaign to support Fremantle workers has moved here.

It is very important to back the workers in this dispute against attacks on pay and conditions – particularly because the employer has tried to stop online campaigning by Labourstart. Fremantle didn't enjoy receiving over 8,000 emails.

I received a reply from the Chief Executive seeking to rebut UNISON's criticisms of her organisation. I replied pointing out why she was wrong and inviting her to reconsider. I'll give her a couple of days to reply and then publish the correspondence here.

Following the disgraceful sacking of UNISON Activist Andrew Rogers I hope that we can give a high profile to this important dispute at the TUC this week.

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linkinpark said...

Solidarity to you from a CWU member
We will not be silenced has been posted on Royal Mail Chat and members from that group have signed the email petition.