Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Correction - tomorrow is the day to remind UNISON members to vote "YES"!

I know that yesterday evening I blogged that today was the day to remind UNISON members to vote "YES" in the pensions ballot.

Reminding members to vote is crucial. The Tories introduced postal ballots for industrial action in order to ensure lower turnouts, giving them the opportunity to claim - falsely - that Unions call action unsupported by our members.

Since the Tories introduced these rules our lives have not got less busy, we don't have less junk mail, and we aren't more familiar with using the post (one member today wanted to know where to click to cast their vote!)

We have to do all we can to drive up turnout in the ballot.

This evening though I got the reminder email from our General Secretary.

I therefore now think that tomorrow may be the crucial day to remind UNISON members to vote "YES".

Friday may also be a good day for that...

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