Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tories set fire to pensions of some of our most important public servants

Among the many attacks on public service pensions, one of the most alarming is the assault upon the pension rights of the people you expect to rescue you if your house catches fire!

Firefighters need a decent pension - because none of us want to be rescued by someone with a zimmer frame! The same Government which is applying its public sector pay freeze to firefighters now wants to impose a pay cut on firefighters in order to achieve pension contributions increases as in every other public service pension fund (and for the same reason - just to pay off the deficit).

The Government has prepared Draft Regulations to impose these contribution increases.To support the Fire Brigade Union (FBU) in opposing this theft from our firefighters you can contact your MP. The FBU have commissioned independent experts to review the Government proposals.

I can think of something more that could be done on 30 November in order to resist this assault upon some of our most vital public servants.

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