Monday, October 03, 2011

Much lower than vermin

As well as bringing forward proposals to double the qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims and to introduce fees for employment tribunal claims, the Tories (with the eager support of their "Coalition Liberal" stooges) have renewed a focus on employment law as part of their "red tape challenge". (

Bizarrely, among the Regulations singled out for consultation are the Unfair Dismissal and Statement of Reasons for Dismissal (Variation of Qualifying Period) Order 1999, Since these regulations reduced the qualifying period of continuous employment to bring a claim of unfair dismissal from 24 to 12 months (a step that the Government have already announced that they intend to reverse) it is difficult to believe in the genuiness of this "consultation."

Nevertheless I think that union activists need to engage in this "challenge" in order to rebut the arguments of those who believe that bad management practice, with minimal rights for working people, is the way forward.

Always remember that the word "Tory" was originally an insult.

And that it still is.

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