Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting the vote out - and arming the members with the arguments

We are presenting our arguments against the Tory cash grab on our pension funds well ( - the long term consequences of pushing more workers on to means tested benefits in retirement do indeed drive a coach and horses through the Government's case.

The key task of the moment is to ensure that these arguments are in our members' minds as they cast their votes. For those of us in the LGPS, the joint union "myths exposed" leaflet ( is a brilliant tool - and using it alongside the generic "vote YES" materials adds value to the work of getting the vote out, as we begin to arm our members with the arguments they will need to participate in the widespread discussion of the merits of our case which we can anticipate in the run up to 30 November itself.

I have distributed hundreds of these leaflets in the past couple of days and have never known a better response from our members. Non-members are joining in order to strike.

Regular readers (Sid and Doris Blogger) may have noticed an absence of world-weary cynicism in recent posts. I'm afraid I have been overwhelmed by enthusiasm.

Our most active and committed members are voting "YES" right now, the lesson of the turnout in the NUT ballot (which was continuous throughout the ballot period) is that we must keep up the pressure over the next fortnight.

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