Sunday, October 16, 2011

Unite in unison to defend pensions

Our sister union UNITE has produced an excellent leaflet which explains to private sector workers why it is in their interests to support the fight by public sector workers to protect our pensions.

This is a good example of the positive role which can be played by a union with a majority private sector membership in support of its own public sector minority – and the many other public sector trade unionists.

The pensions dispute is all about trade union unity. It needs never to be about attempts to grow one union at the expense of another, and I am sure that comrades in UNITE’s United Left will heed the message from UNISON comrades that we none of us need any “poaching” of members from one union to another. The working class cannot be strengthened by workers moving between trade unions!

The Coalition government is a good example of the willingness of our opponents to unite against us. The trade unions need to demonstrate the same unity if we are to win against them. Workers won’t tolerate any attempt by paid officials to put the interests of one union ahead of another at a time like this!

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