Thursday, October 27, 2011

Further correction - tomorrow is the day to remind UNISON members to vote

It’s good to see UNISON pulling out the stops to get the vote out in the pensions ballot. In the Eastern Region an imaginative ballot-paper-posting photo opportunity demonstrates that this dispute is an excellent opportunity for joint service group working. There have been 300 briefings in the North West and 240 in the South East. The West Midlands Region has set up a “walk-in centre” for branch activists – and this imaginative approach to building a constructive partnership between regional staff and lay activists has paid dividends (with, I understand, almost 500 workplace events organised by the Region during the ballot period, additional to events being organised by branches themselves).

It’s not just at Regional level that an unprecedented effort is being made. I know that some colleagues in the Greater London Region have welcomed colleagues from national office to assist in organising and campaigning for a “YES” vote. Regions can clearly learn from other Regions, and our Region in London can learn the importance of cross service group working and of a positive relationship with lay activists. This will be key to effective strike action on 30 November and beyond, and therefore to defending our pensions and our trade union.

Of course the key level for activity is the branch – and branch activists have the chance to make one final push for members to vote. I am therefore correcting both of the last two posts on this blog and now consider that tomorrow, Friday 27 October, is the very best day to remind a UNISON member to vote! (And if you’re not at work, why not remind your Facebook Friends who are UNISON members, and remind them to remind theirs?)

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