Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Benny Bear at the UNISON NEC...!

After my battery died this morning the NEC concluded our discussion about pensions and then moved on to discuss equal pay – this is all top secret stuff so I cannot report it here in detail and you’ll have to wait for the official report, although I am pleased to say that there will be some sort of report to Conference on the Thursday morning. Regional Convenors have been briefed about an arrangement whereby pre notified questions from delegates about Equal Pay issues will be answered during a session in which no motions or decision will be taken.

There are sound reasons for this cautious approach and if any Greater London UNISON members want a further explanation please contact me.

We then had a report on UNISON’s Devolution protocol (it really is a laugh a minute a the NEC!) followed by a series of reports on Financial matters which were enlivened by a contribution by an East Midlands NEC member who queried spending plans for Croyde Bay.

This led to some impassioned defence of Croyde Bay, including from your blogger, who threatened the NEC with a protest led by Benny Bear…The poor soul who had started the debate had to confirm that he was in no way threatening the future of our UNISON Holiday Camp!

Tragically I had to leave at lunchtime to attend to disputes in my own branch so can report no more…

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Anonymous said...

Well it is true that the legal issues may limit the debate we can have on Single Status. However don't you think that this is very convenient for the leadership who have for a long time failed to provide a coherent national strategy, leaving branches and reps in an impossible position (ie. having to agree to pay cuts for some of our members)? In fact this issue led me to resign as a shop steward recently.

I think what I am saying is that it suits the leadership to have an extremely conservative reponse to the legal pitfalls...

Thanks for keeping us informed about what is going on in our union!

UNISON member
Sandwell MBC