Monday, June 11, 2007

Official results of the UNISON NEC elections

Now the summary of the UNISON NEC election results are available online at the UNISON website. The full report – with the actual voting figures is available on request. Perhaps some kind soul will scan it so it can be circulated electronically?

Maybe next time we won’t have to wait so long for the results? This inevitably means that different people get the results at different times and that some candidates hear over the phone – not the most important of issues I know – that would be pay in local government and in health I think – but something to think about.

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Cameron Russell said...


Do you know why the full results aren't on the website? I seem to remember that when a certain D Prentis was elected, all the voting figures were given on the site...

Yet another example of the lack of openness in our union - something for our new NEC members to do something about?

UNISON member
Sandwell MBC