Sunday, June 17, 2007

Conference kicks off with card vote jamboree

The first day of UNISON’s local government Conference was kicked off by Khi Rafe, from the Lambeth branch, but representing National Black Members Committee, moving the first of a raft of Equalities motions. These motions were rightly uncontroversial in the main but committed the Union to challenge the employers who are failing to comply with their statutory duties.

Debates in the afternoon were more controversial and produced three card votes, the results of two of which are awaited. The first card vote narrowly agreed an amendment to commence an immediate strike ballot on local government pay against the opposition of the Service Group Executive (SGE).

The SGE, perhaps having heard the disturbing rumour that a large city branch in the North West who can be relied upon to support the SGE had failed to sign their voting card then called on Conference to vote down the substantive Composite motion – this led to a second card vote, the result of which will be announced tomorrow.

A third card vote arose from an amendment critical of the conduct of the dispute over the Local Government Pension Scheme. I’ll post a more considered report of Local Government Conference whilst I am stuck on the top table at National Delegate Conference.

I’ll make the most of being a delegate at Local Government Conference, since my NEC colleagues have inexplicably neglected to ask me to speak at National Delegate Conference…

I particularly enjoyed being able to explain the limitations of the accountability of the Service Group Liaison Committee in moving Motion 8 and shall spend the evening wondering what to say in a right of reply when someone gets up to defend the Service Group Liaison Committee.

What a shame it would be if absolutely no one does...

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Hmm, that sounds like Manchester local government branch, top people