Friday, June 08, 2007

Draft Order of Business for National Delegate Conference

In response to requests for an electronic copy of the Order of Business for National Delegate Conference here are the highlights (you need to read this alongside your copy of the Final Agenda to make sense of it);

Tuesday morning after the President, SOC, Annual Report and Accounts we have Composite A on the Arms Trade followed by Motion 99 on the Pensions White Paper before returning to the remaining order of business (a.k.a “the snake”).

Tuesday afternoon is introduced by Comp G on the Comprehensive Spending Review followed by they keynote address from the General Secretary, after which we will either have motions 76 and 77 with their amendments or the (still as yet) draft Comp E on the NHS. This will be followed by Motions 31, 32 and Comp B, all dealing with Public Services, before we get to the snake.

Wednesday morning commences with Motion 5 and the NEC report on branch and service group structures, followed by motions 1, 2, and 34. Then Ashok Sinha the Director of Stop Climate Chaos will speak ahead of motions 63 and 61, which will leave little time for the snake.

Wednesday afternoon will kick off with an International speaker – Annie Geron, General Secretary of PSLink from the Philippines. The only timetabled motions are 52, 53, 51 and Comp H on Europe so we may get on to the remaining order of business for a bit.

Thursday morning will commence with a briefing session for delegates on Equal Pay, followed by motions 57, 106, 114 and 108 before Baroness Amos addresses us on the abolition of the slave trade, whether or not we get to the snake will depend upon how long the Equal Pay session takes I suppose.

Thursday afternoon is Rule Amendments, warming us up to an address from our own Alison Shepherd, speaking as this year’s President of the TUC, followed by Motion 111 and then the remaining order of business

Friday will see an address from Baroness Scotland, followed by only one timetabled motion – 112 on violence against women, so we will get some chance to work through the top of the snake before Friday afternoon which will deal with reprioritised motions between 2pm and 3.45pm (with half an hour for closing ceremonies…! Anyone want to query that on the second report of SOC on Tuesday morning, surely we could carry on business until 4pm and take quarter of an hour speechifying?)

As to this mysterious “snake” – the remaining order of business, will this is the order of top of the “remaining order of business”; 35; 45; Comp C (Housing); 79; 81; 87; 101; 86; 23; 88; 94; 107; 126; 130; 116; 21; 33; 90 and – well, I don’t know if we’ll get that far before Friday lunchtime….

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