Saturday, June 09, 2007

NEC election results...

I have had the results of the UNISON NEC elections,.

The turnout is unimpressive, in the only all-national constituency (for the “additional members” seats, the turn out is 6.5%, although since nearly one in seven ballot papers was spoilt the effective turnout is just 5.6%). However, elections are decided by those who vote and the results stand on any turnout.

Although the higher turnout in the General Secretary election no doubt gives the General Secretary a sound mandate, members of the NEC have a democratic mandate which no other paid official of the Union has.

As this is a personal blog on which I express my personal opinions as an individual member of the NEC I shall express both my disappointment that some friends and comrades were not elected, but also my pleasure at the election and re-election of some fellow NEC members.

I note that all those members of the NEC previously elected on a “United Left” ticket have been re-elected (for those reading this blog with an eye to the UNISON Rule Book I stress that I make this observation as a point of information and without any intention to influence anyone in any way!!)

Furthermore, candidates of “the left” have won three out of four of the directly elected seats for each of the health and local government service groups. No one could interpret this as a vote of confidence in the strategy adopted by UNISON’s leadership in recent industrial struggles in either health or local government. (Though if anyone thinks otherwise please do say!)

Even in the leadership heartland of the North West Region a new left member of the NEC has been elected. Amongst those displaced from the NEC are a former and putative future President of the Union. The message of these results to those who really run our Union is that we need to take a harder line against the Government and employers.

The message to those who style themselves the “sensible left” on the NEC is that there are now a whole number of real Labour left-wingers on the NEC happy to work with them on an issue by issue basis but not prepared as a matter of principle to be hostile to other socialists in our Union and to be sectarian towards serious labour movement campaigns such as “Public Services Not Private Profit”.

If the UNISON leadership wish to engage seriously with those newly elected to the NEC they have every opportunity – not least by supporting the Public Services Not Private Profit Campaign. If not, well then we shall see…

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Anonymous said...

interesting election results. If 1 in 7 ballot papers were spoiled it may be timely to find out if they need to be simplified?
But a question that has always been puzzling me -we get members on the NEC -how do we ever find out what they get up to? You at least report back -but certainly in the London region I have never seen any other NEC members do likewise. It is particularly irritating as they are holding the women's seats -and the majority of our membesr are women -but the only nec member to report back to us is a man(for which I thank you).