Sunday, June 24, 2007

Union influence and the Deputy leadership campaign (not)

What are we to make of the fact that the winner of the contest for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party was the one candidate with no trade union nominations? I commented a while ago about the way in which the dispersal of union nominations between different candidates seemed to undermine union influence.

Whilst some comfort can probably be taken from the detailed results which show that Jon Cruddas, who emerged as a left candidate, was the last to be eliminated and that he topped the poll for first preferences (whereas Hazel Blears deservedly won the wooden spoon and was first to be eliminated), it is difficult to get too worked up about this contest, it is not the contest we should have had with the candidate we should have had.

We now need to take on this “new” New Labour Government over public sector pay – I very much doubt that the Deputy Leadership election has been particularly relevant to this question which is of central importance to our members.

Update – I have just read this excellent analysis of the results from a friend and comrade.


Sean said...

Jon have posted at some length (and I am sure the owner will tell me off for waffling!) on Union Futures. It would be very interesting to see the the breakdown between the three parts of the electorla college and in particular see how UNISON's votes stacked up (as I am assuming they would have been divided between the candidates rather than all given to the winner in our own ballot)

Anonymous said...

Really disappointed with UNISON. Only reason they did it is cos they fear the influence of UNite.