Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Solidarity forever - support the postal workers!

The public sector pay fight will step up this week with postal workers in the CWU commencing industrial action as the employer fails to make an improved offer in spite of the best efforts of Union negotiators – good luck comrades!

If you’ve ever been on strike and picketing you will have had a boost when a postal worker refused to cross your picket line – now it’s our turn to show some support and return the favour. Let’s all try to support CWU picket lines on Friday.

And if you’ve never been on strike before now would be a very good time to start! This year we need to work towards unity and the largest possible strike action by public sector workers in particular if we are to reverse the pay cut policies of Gordon Brown.

This Government has in mind an onslaught on our movement in alliance with our enemies and the time for misplaced faith in our new Prime Minister is very long past. Now is the time to organise for action. We can start by supporting the postal workers this Friday.

The trade union movement is approaching a crossroads, we can choose to continue the strategy of quiet influence of decision makers which has delivered so much (not) or we can take a turn to building rank and file strength to fight for the interests of our members with neither fear nor favour.

I bet you can guess what I think…

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