Sunday, October 11, 2009

A useful niche site?

Regular readers of this blog (Sid and Doris Niche-Blogger) will know that I am almost painfully modest, so it goes against the grain to draw attention to kind words in the Morning Star.

In an overview of the political left in the “blogosphere” this weekend leading lefty blogger Jim Jepps identifies this blog as an example of useful “niche sites that connect with fewer people but in a more targeted way” (than blogs which get more hits). As he says “thousands of people coming to your site to be annoyed at you isn't as good as a few dozen people in your local area - or union or campaign - using your blog as a resource.”

I started blogging in order to report on my work as a member of the UNISON National Executive Council and as a UNISON activist generally. Given the role of leftwing members of the Executive at Conference it is as well to have another avenue to express opinions...

I particularly like being referred to as “UNISON’s Jon Rogers” in the Morning Star but I suppose that should serve as a reminder to emphasise once more that this is a personal blog and that UNISON are not responsible for its contents!

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