Thursday, October 08, 2009

More on the three companies project

In earlier posts I have commented upon the "three companies" project in which UNISON will be assisted by our sister union from the USA - the SEIU - to organise and recruit staff employed by three particular multinational companies.

In response to questions which I posed at the NEC I was advised that the Project Sponsor for this project is our Deputy General Secretary Keith Sonnet - who has promised me answers to further questions, about which I shall report back and/or blog in due course.

There are clearly many legitimate questions to ask about the SEIU's internal regime and its relations with other US trade unions - however I cannot see why any of these mean that UNISON should not seek to learn from the recruitment record of a trade union with an impressive record of growth.

UNISON is a lay led trade union in which dissent remains possible (and I will continue to dissent as necessary!)

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