Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where will you be on October 24th?

Next Saturday October 24th is one of the most important antiwar demonstrations Stop the War (to which UNISON is affiliated) has ever organised.

It comes at the moment when the war in Afghanistan has lost all credibility but the governments on both sides of the Atlantic are sending more troops.

It comes at a time of widespread revulsion against the war across the country. Amongst others, many soldiers, ex soldiers and military families are contacting us to express their outrage at the terrible waste of life it is causing.

It comes at a time when the reasons given for the war have been exposed as lies. As violence spirals in Afghanistan who can now believe the war is making the world a safer place?
After the sham elections who can believe it is bringing democracy to Afghanistan?

Members of military families, including those of serving soldiers, are travelling from as far afield as Dundee and Exeter. They will be at the head of the demonstration, alongside Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, the soldier who is facing a court martial for refusing to go back to Afghanistan and Peter Brierley, the father who lost his son in Iraq and refused to shake Tony Blair's hand in St Paul's Cathedral a week ago

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Brian said...

Look at a picture of Mandelson.
Look at a picture of Adam Crozier.
Look at your postman/postwoman tomorrow morning Now ask whose side you're on?

It's easy really