Sunday, October 25, 2009

What was that about Rule K?

Diligent readers (Sid and Doris Fourth-International) will have noticed an earlier post about UNISON Rule K also interrupted for food and may have wondered why I posted that.

It may of course be an error to see any method in the posting of information on this blog, but on the optimistic assumption that that is not always the case I offer the following observations.

What has always struck me about the particular case linked to in the earlier post is the sensible generosity of spirit obviously demonstrated by the Union when a lay activist made an understandable error arising from his lack of balance in assessing a difficult situation. Let's face it we can all make mistakes!

I have made more than one mistake myself (hard as you may find that to believe dear reader) and on only one occasion have foolish reactionaries in the Union been given (temporarily) authority to try to expel me for my error. You may remember my going on about this here before.

The reason why I am taking up your computer screen (or BlackBerry or mobile screen!) to mention this now is that it is coming to my attention that a far less sympathetic and reasonable approach may now being taken in another case, about which I shall blog further as details become clear.

And when I do I will ask the question you would ask.


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