Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rule M?

For anyone who thought I was working my way through the UNISON Rule Book in alphabetical order - I do not want to disappoint you...

Rule M6.4 states that "A member seeking to enforce her/his rights under the Data Protection Act must apply to the General Secretary"

This is a Rule Book provision to which I had regard when I was myself subject to unreasonable disciplinary action as a result of the deliberate rewriting of a report written by a decent official (by another official to whom that adjective could not be applied).

In fact I recall that the Union's representative was almost disappointed when I said that I no longer intended to pursue my request for data (at some cost to the Union) once the disciplinary action (promoted by the official to whom the adjective did not apply) had been dropped.

Not to worry mate. I think you'll have a few more such requests soon if you cannot control the outrageous and unreasonable behaviour of subordinates.

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