Sunday, October 25, 2009

Transformational Leadership?

If people start blogging about "transformational leadership" they must expect people to wonder whether they want to be the next Deputy General Secretary!

Others joining in may have lesser ambitions but we could still be left wondering why bloggers anonymous are so keen on promoting the sensible analysis of good socialist Gregor Gall who praises "transformational leadership" which "creates trust, admiration, loyalty and respect so that followers are prepared to do more than they expected at the outset".

Am I alone in finding it scary that my trade union is organising training for people already elected to our leading bodies so that they can live up to this aspiration? Surely we should be transformational leaders before we aspire to be elected to the National Executive or the Service Group Executive?

Of course if anyone really wants to create trust, admiration, loyalty and respect then they could sensibly start by taking a stand against the politically motivated misuse of UNISON's disciplinary procedures (as I may have mentioned now and again and again and again).

For the avoidance of doubt this comment is addressed to all those seeking to replace our General Secretary whenever we finally do have an election.

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