Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Torygraph questions

If you had to make up a name for a journalist on the Torygraph you could not do better than "Jasper Copping" author of a Freedom of Information act request to local authorities asking them about how much time off they give trade union officials in their employment.

The paid release of lay trade union representatives is a consequence of the statutory right to paid time off work to carry out trade union duties - which is essential to the functioning of a trade union in the workplace.

The Tories - and their media allies - are preparing now to weaken workplace trade unionism in order to weaken the defence we can mount as they attack our public services.

As I was saying we need to raise our membership density through a clear focus on the issues of concern to our members in order to defend ourselves against these attacks.

I am sure that a serious journalist would welcome further information and context and so publish his email address;

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