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Monday, August 14, 2006

Will they still need us when we're 64?

The Beatles’ wondered whether we would still be needed when we were 64.

A TUC report today reveals that over one million 50 - 65 year olds who want to work can't get a job because employers won't recruit older workers or retain the ones they already employ by investing in training or making minor adjustments for disabilities.

For those of us who are approaching that age (which is all of us) these are worrying findings. On the one hand the Government want us to work further into old age – on the other hand, the employers won’t actually employ those who aren’t in the first flush of youth!

This is in spite of some fairly sensible advice from the Government being available on the web.

Those of us who are negotiating regularly about redundancies (which is far too many of us in the unions I fear!) need to be on the ball about defending the rights of our older members, and ensuring employment opportunities for the over 50s.

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Anonymous said...

An overlooked consequence of the new law on age discrimination is an erosion of age related enhancements to redundancy pay.,,1843244,00.html
A similar pretext having been used to justify the abolition of the LGPS 85 year rule.