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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Making the rich pay

It’s great to see protest on the streets about tax evasion today.

UNISON’s alternative budget pointed out that “significant sums could be raised without affecting the incomes of the majority if we made sure the financial sector and the super-rich paid a fairer share”. Our sister union PCS has also been backing tax justice campaigning for some time.

With a ConDem Coalition Government entirely in hock to the tax dodging super rich, it is up to the people to try to make sure that those who can afford to do so pay their way. Nonviolent direct action can get a point across – and UK Uncut are showing what needs to be done. (Old lefties like myself may even have to forgive Polly Toynbee for the SDP if she keeps getting carried out of high street stores by security guards…)

Many trade unionists may not be in a position to superglue ourselves to windows – but we can mobilise mass popular support for the cause advocated by those taking the direct action (and fundraise for the legal defence that they will inevitably need). Why should our services be cut whilst the wealthy keep making profits that aren’t fairly taxed?

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