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Saturday, August 06, 2016

A second strange coincidence

A couple of months ago I reported here that I was the subject of a UNISON disciplinary investigation (and observed the strange coincidence of timing which had led the Union to notify me that I was under investigation just after I had revealed that I had made a complaint to the Certification Officer concerning the UNISON General Secretary election).

UNISON has been very concerned that the correspondence concerning complaints to the Certification Officer should be kept confidential and so I have not been blogging a running commentary of developments (because there are rather more important issues with which to be concerned just now). I did not therefore blog my comments on UNISON’s response to my complaint, which I sent to the office of the Certification Officer on 26 July (to be forwarded to the Union).

In another astonishing coincidence I have been notified of a further disciplinary investigation in a letter dated 1 August, which informs me that there has been a complaint by “senior UNISON activists in Wales relating to postings on social media concerning elections in that region.” I have been instructed to keep the fact of this investigation confidential, so please don’t mention this to anyone as I may otherwise face further disciplinary action.

Coincidences are funny things.

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