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Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Even Stronger UNISON Pledge to be launched!

Sources close to the author of the “Stronger UNISON” pledge have revealed exclusively to your blogger the next stage of their campaign – the “Even Stronger UNISON” pledge. This pledge reportedly reflects the importance of honesty and transparency to the signatories of the original pledge.

The Even Stronger UNISON Pledge

Signatories to the Even Stronger UNISON Pledge are committed to serving in the best interests of UNISON. This means they will –

1      Put UNISON first – the only priority is what matters to UNISON, not the demands of troublemakers and outside agitators. If it matters on the third floor of the UNISON Centre it matters.
2      Build a union that looks after itself – I know the pressure which you, your branches and your officials are under. So I will always stand up for you and ensure that UNISON supports its current leadership.
3      Unite our union and reject the politics of division – I will work with anyone who is loyal to deliver the Even Stronger UNISON we need in these difficult times and will use tautology when required to unite our union.
4      Talk about fighting cuts and austerity – I’ll do my best to make it look like I am serious about fighting austerity by claiming responsibility belatedly for initiatives which I am eventually forced to support.
5      Talk about growing our union – I will pretend that our union is growing when it is not because I am afraid of offending people who might criticise me for telling the truth.

Informed sources suggest that this startling new approach from the supporters of UNISON’s current leadership could have a decisive impact upon the forthcoming elections to the National Executive Council (NEC).

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