Friday, November 25, 2011

Gearing up for action

As local government employers prepare for the massive strike action which is almost upon us, Dave Prentis is right to acknowledge that this strike will be unlike the stereotypical strikes of the past – and to emphasise that we may have to take further action beyond 30 November.

According to the Grauniad, Dave Prentis declined to rule out more strikes if talks failed. "Members did not just vote for action on 30 November. They have voted for action full stop. If our members believe they want to take further industrial action if an offer from the government is not good enough, then we're in a position to take that action." This is a serious statement of intent from our leadership.

With the Government reduced to imagining reasons to oppose our strike – in part because they have failed adequately to prepare – now is the time to be clear and firm about the need, both to maximise strike action on 30 November, and to discuss honestly with our members the likely need to escalate our action thereafter.

Good luck to everyone planning for Wednesday’s strike!

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