Thursday, November 03, 2011

Solidarity with Waltham Forest

UNISON members in Waltham Forest are holding a branch meeting on Monday ( to discuss a long running dispute over conditions of service in which a (notionally) Labour authority is threatening over 1,000 staff with the sack (

This dispute has arisen because - rather than make savings in the use of expensive consultants and agency staff, the authority has decided to rob £3 Million from the pay packets of predominantly lower paid workers through a series of changes to terms and conditions. Disgracefully the Council have resorted to bullying to try to get workers individually to accept changes which have not been agreed by their trade union (

UNISON resistance has already seen off an attack upon national sick pay - but as the branch's report to the Council's own Staffing Committee ( makes clear - the Council has lacked the confidence even to have a meaningful dialogue.

How shameful to see this conduct from a Council led by a former UNISON official whose biographical details claim he used to fight workplace injustice (

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