Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pensions - teachers do the maths!

An A* to the NUT for working out that, over the 78 years since its inception, £46 Billion more has been paid in contributions to the Teachers' Pension Fund than has been paid out in pensions (

Given that, at present, the Treasury rakes in £2 Billion a year more into the NHS scheme than it pays out to pensioners it would be interesting to see a similar calculation - which would underline the vital importance of strike action by our healthworker members.

Every UNISON Region needs to follow the example of our Welsh members who have pledged to picket every employer ( The only people allowed past should be those showing letters identifying them as individuals providing "life and limb" cover as agreed with the Union (which letters will remind them to donate their pay to hardship funds!)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sure, love to.

So why are there no sums on the NUT document or anywhere else ?

Why use GDP ?

Does the 'contributions to the pension fund' include the employers ludicrous contribution ?

Why does the NUT endlessly talk about the long term sustainability whilst ignoring the minor detail that this is in 2060 ?