Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Remember, remember the THIRTIETH of November!

The last bulk email has been sent.

The individual exemption letters for those providing emergency "life and limb" cover have been issued.

Shop stewards, activists and ordinary union members are explaining, persuading and cajoling wavering colleagues.

Picket rotas have been drawn up - and picket co-ordinators are worrying about not having enough people first thing.

Unions are working together as never before. (Our branch office (away from the employers' premises) is hosting flags, placards and leaflets for both GMB and UNITE.)

Today Gideon told me he wants to cut my real pay for a further two years and make me work a year longer even than was previously proposed.

Tomorrow we have an unprecedented opportunity to reply to a Government of millionaire public schoolboys intent on destroying our Welfare State.

As one of our stewards said at the mobilising meeting hosted by our Trades Council last night, we will make history tomorrow.

Let's hope that a generation of retreat and defeat is at an end!

Good luck, comrades.

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