Sunday, November 06, 2011

Yeah right

In the latest shot in the propaganda war, the Government have planted a story in the Indescribablyboring which suggests that they gleefully anticipate our forthcoming strike action, believing we will alienate “public opinion”. Apparently, we have fallen into their “trap” by fighting to protect our pensions (whereas, of course, we can all well imagine that they would be livid if we had simply decided to swallow a massive attack upon our living standards…)

Well the online poll by the Grauniad gives us 77% support and the Torygraph gives us 82% support. The reality is that the great majority of working people (whether conscious of their being working class or believing themselves to be “middle class”) know that the great majority are being done down in this bankers’ recession, in which only the very wealthiest – who caused the problems in the first place – are protected.

Public sector pensions are not some indefensible perk, they are the sensible provision of security in retirement for those who, in their working lives, are required not to be influenced by improper motives. Public opinion is not against us, and the targets of this Tory propaganda (the weaker elements in our own leadership) must ignore this nonsense from our enemies.

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