Sunday, November 27, 2011

Working together to act locally on pensions

The imminence of Wednesday’s strike makes all of us who are branch activists focus parochially on our local preparations. Every local paper turns our national dispute into a local story, and in every locality there is work underway to coordinate and prepare.

I was most struck to be contacted, at Sunday lunchtime, by a Regional Official, helping to ensure that our local health and local government branches were co-ordinating our work on the strike day effectively.

This is an important development in UNISON’s maturity (now our Union is more than eighteen years old!) It will augur well for the further action which will be necessary beyond 30 November.

When even the TUC General Secretary has to defend strike action it is obvious that our movement has reached a decisive moment.

Whilst we always need to be thinking globally, now is a time to act locally.

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