Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Not nearly good enough

So the Government have offered 1/60th accrual rates in the future career average pensions and protection for those within ten years of retirement.

That was always going to be their offer on accrual rates anyway (and represents a massive overall reduction in pension payouts compared to 1/60th accrual in a final salary scheme. As for the proposal that the trade unions should sacrifice the interests of young workers to protect those closer to retirement – that’s hardly a strategy for the future of the movement!

I don’t like to disagree with a fellow trade unionist but I can’t see how these proposals are "worthy of serious consideration". We now know what the Government is prepared to offer to avert a strike.

Now let’s see what we can make them offer by striking! Tomorrow’s ballot result will show UNISON members voting for action, and this will be followed by results from many other unions.
Now is not the time to give up.

Update - it is clear that the strike on November 30 will be going ahead (depending of course on the ballot results, of which more tomorrow)

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