Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tories practice class war (again)

The TUC are right to condemn Government plans to undermine workers' rights (

The idea that workers have an excess of rights in the workplace, or that it's not easy enough to sack people will raise a hollow laugh in most trade union branch offices.

On any given day it falls to me to advise one or more of our members that the law offers them little hope of recompense for one or other of many injustices.

In my experience, lazy managers sometimes like to blame workers' rights, union power or negotiated and agreed staffing procedures for their own failings. Good managers can cope with the human beings they work with having rights as well as responsibilities in the workplace.

Right wing business lobby groups ( always resist regulation in the name of profit. But deregulation just benefits the worse employers and worse managers, whilst creating downward pressure on workers' conditions throughout the economy.

Our best response to this latest attack must be further to strengthen next Wednesday's action.

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