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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Breakaway Lemming chooses independent suicide?

The TUC's Touchstone blog provides the best concise overview of Cameron's ineffective veto (

The 26 European nations which have wilfully isolated themselves from Her Brittanic Majesty's United Kingdom aim to sign up to a deal which prohibits reflation - a deal for no growth and less stability. That's not in the interests of Europe's working class. It will also collapse the economy of Europe for years. Merkozy are leading 26 lemmings in a fiscal suicide pact. This is what Nick Clegg wants to join, and Mister Ed is wrong to agree with him.

But call me Dave didn't reject this project to protect workers in the UK - on the contrary his plan to appease the little Englanders on his backbenches is all about trying to "repatriate" powers to exploit us even more outrageously than the European norm. With real wages falling, the Chambers of Commerce and Rotarians who are the backbone of the Tory Party want to take yet more profits out of the workers, ignorant of the fact that this will restrain domestic demand and push us firmly back into recession.

Dave is just the lonely lemming, choosing a different cliff to jump off but heading in essentially the same direction.

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