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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Waiting for the details on our pensions

Well, we’ve all listened to Danny Alexander prattle on, and the Treasury have announced that Departments will be issuing written ministerial statements with details of the “Heads of Agreement” for each pension fund. Michael Gove has issued the statement for the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and Francis Maude for the Civil Servants. UNISON members are still waiting for the statements on the NHS Pension Scheme (which doesn’t yet appear on the DoH website) and the Local Government Pension Scheme, although this website has the detail and appears to have seen the LGPS statement It’s not up on the CLG website as I write.
We need to see the detail in order to discuss what we do next.
Update at ten to four.

Well, although details are all over the place online, I still can’t find Eric Pickles statement on the LGPS on the CLG website but the GMB are clearly displeased by whatever it says…
Update at four o’clock

Here now on our website are the details for the NHS pension scheme proposals.
Update at ten to five
This exchange on the Guardian website explains why we are waiting for a further letter from pickled Eric on the LGPS;
Q: Was the letter that upset the GMB sent by Eric Pickles?
Yes, says Alexander.
Q: What do you feel about him trying to scupper this deal?

Alexander says the letter was withdrawn. Another letter is being sent.
Update at ten past five

UNITE are angry with Pickled Eric as well…

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