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Monday, December 21, 2020

Don't forget Western Sahara


As one of a number of parting shots to the world community, the Trump administration broke ranks with international consensus (and UN resolutions) by unilaterally recognising Morocco’s lengthy occupation of the territory of the Western Sahara.

Injustice is injustice wherever it occurs and the people of the Western Sahara have an internationally recognised right to self-determination, which is currently being denied. The UK have a post-Brexit trade deal with Morocco lined up which treats goods from the occupied Western Sahara as if they were Moroccan (which they are not).

If you want some detailed background you could do a lot worse than read the report of a TUC delegation to Western Sahara in 2006, following a motion of solidarity passed by Congress in 2005.

A small number of MPs have already signed up to an Early Day Motion to express their solidarity with the people of the Western Sahara and calling on the UK to adhere to international law rather than following the Trump’s example - and you can keep up to date with the campaign at the website of the Western Sahara Campaign UK. If your MP has not yet signed Early Day Motion 1268, tabled last week by Jeremy Corbyn, MP, you can easily ask them to do so using the excellent “WritetoThem” site.

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