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Friday, October 03, 2014

14 October strike action - full steam ahead!

‎Set out below is an extract from an email message sent out yesterday to GMB representatives, confirming that the GMB will be taking strike action in local government (in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) on Tuesday 14 October.

This follows the decision of UNISON's National Joint Council (NJC) Committee last week not to agree to a request from the employers to suspend the strike, and should put an end to any unhelpful speculation about whether or not the action will go ahead.‎ Any change of heart now would be so damaging that it must be inconceivable. 

Only if the employers were to come forward with a substantially improved offer (which could look nothing like the miserable "proposals" which emerged last week) would it make sense for the unions even to contemplate anything other than a continuing campaign of action - and we certainly cannot chop and change at short notice.

‎We have a week now in which to maximise support for the action. UNISON - at every level - needs to show the vigour and determination of November 2011.

‎"Dear Colleagues, 

‎GMB National Representatives have met today and confirmed that we will be taking part in the Industrial action on the 14th October.   In the last couple of months there have been talks at National level aimed at resolving the dispute but these have come to no avail as the employers have not come up with a suitable alternative offer. 

Please inform members and ask them to support the strike but they will be notified by letter also.

Please start making arrangements to organise and support pickets.  You might also wish to liaise with Unison colleagues on this.  I can hopefully get the material you need so please liaise with me regarding distribution of flags/placards/etc.    

It is very likely that there will be a march in Central London from lunchtime onwards.   We would ask you to join this after morning pickets.

Please note the GMB is fulfilling all legal obligations in reference to notices to employers.   There is no requirement on reps or members to inform management.   Individual members have the right to decide on the day whether they will be striking or not, they do not have to give the employer any notice."

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