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Monday, October 13, 2014

The mystery of the dispute over authorship of the local government pay proposals

For centuries, scholars have contested the authorship of the works commonly attributed to William Shakespeare. 

Now local government workers in England Wales and Northern Ireland face a new mystery.

Who came up with the pay proposals on which we are about to be consulted?

The employers say that the proposals were proposed to the LGA (Local Government Association) by the trade unions.

The GMB, however, say that the proposals were put forward by the LGA

UNITE just refer to the “new improved proposal” as “the best achievable by negotiation” and UNISON’s branch briefing just refers to “final proposals” (although a report of a meeting last week does refer to our having called for “improved proposals.”)

It’s very odd that no one appears keen to take responsibility for these “new improved proposals” particularly not if they are “the best achievable by negotiation.”

Or perhaps it is not so odd.

Let's reject them anyway, since they are in fact complete rubbish?

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steve jinx said...

Whoever proposed what, it is clear that Unison has, entirely predictably, abandoned the flat rate increase idea and found itself lured into discussing an across-the-board percentage deal which will further impoverish the low paid.