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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Still full steam ahead for 14 October

‎Below is an internal UNITE email sent this afternoon which confirms continuing support for strike action in local government on 14 October.

‎This corrects information previously circulated within UNISON, where Regional pay briefings are taking place ahead of a reconvened meeting of the National Joint Council (NJC) Committee on Thursday.

I hope that tomorrow's Regional briefing in London affirms full support for the excellent work of our Region's NJC representatives, who recommend we continue our pay campaign and throw out the diversionary tactics of the local government employers, even in the face of unnecessary confusion.

‎Stand firm comrades!

From: X- Services Sector 
Sent: 07 October 2014 13:02‎
To: Services Sector
Subject: FW: Local Government Pay


TO:     Local Authority NISC Members

        Local Government Officers

        Local Government Mailing List



Services Sector





England and Wales

7th October


There have been further discussions with the employers on the new proposals for NJC Pay. The employers will not formally put this proposal to the unions for consultation until all three unions agree to do so. Currently Unite and GMB NJC committees have indicated that they are willing to consult their members but Unison are not. Further discussions are taking place at the LGA tomorrow and I will continue to keep you updated on any progress.


You may have seen Unison's circular dated 3rd October which quoted Unite as having suspended the strike action. This is simply not true and a misrepresentation of our position. The action on 14th October is going ahead and I would ask that you forward information on picket lines ,any local rallies and demos to and we will post them on the website. There are no national rallies or marches planned for the 14th.


The TUC march and rally Britain Needs a Pay Rise will take place on Saturday 18th October in London, please contact your region for information on travel arrangements #18oct



NJC unions have received a new proposal on pay for 2014 through to 31st March 2016:


£1065  (8.56%) on SCP 5 from 1 January 2015

£1000  (7.93%) on SCP 6 from 1 January 2015

£800  (6.19%) on SCP 7 from 1 January 2015

£550  (4.13%) on SCP 8 from 1 January 2015

£350  (2.55%) on SCP 9 from 1 January 2015

£325  (2.55%) on SCP 10 from 1 January 2015


2.20% on SCP 11 and above from 1 January 2015


Removal of SCP 5 with effect from 1 October 2015


£325 non-consolidated payment on SCP 5,6,7 payable end December 2014

£150 non-consolidated payment on SCP 8,9,10 payable end December 2014

£100 non-consolidated payment on SCP 11-49 payable end December 2014


Best wishes




Fiona Farmer

National Officer

Unite the Union



Twitter @FionaUnite


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