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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Local Government Pay - insult added to injury in Inner London

‎At last we have the details, for Inner London, of the pay proposals, the existence of which justified the decision, taken 13 days ago, to suspend the strike action on 14 October.

And they are worse even than the national proposals.

The December "lump sum" payments are paid from the lower starting point (Spine point 3) and so - for example - the minimum £100 payment applies at spine points 9 and above rather than from spine point 11.

Furthermore, workers on spine points 21 to 25 inclusive on the Inner London pay spine (for whom the £100 added to the 2.2% increase from 1 January falls short of what they could have expected from a 1% increase in year) will not receive the (very) modest additional lump sum in April 2015 which is intended to remedy that defect for staff on higher pay rates.

These are small points in terms of finance, but a cruel insult to add to the injury of utterly inadequate national proposals.

Little wonder then that the majority of Inner London borough UNISON branches have already decided to recommend rejection of the proposals.

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