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Thursday, October 16, 2014


‎So, now I do have the wording of the ballot paper to issue to our members in order to consult them about the disgraceful pay proposals.

I don't have the spreadsheet which shows how the proposals impact upon individual members - but that doesn't matter too much to me as an Inner London Branch Secretary as it appears that no one has yet bothered to work that out for us.

I note that the email suggests that I should only send members the national leaflet which I have not yet been sent. 

I think that - like any Branch Secretary worth his (or her) salt I shall ignore this risible direction.

The sad excuses for trade unionists who failed to recommend rejection of this appalling set of proposals have already breached our Rules.

Anyone who says that activists should not tell the truth to members about how utterly unacceptable these proposals are will be breaching our Rules ‎too.

I am proud to be a member of UNISON and to stand alongside the many good activists who have done so much for our members over so many years.

I am ashamed to be part of any organisation which would tolerate within its ranks those who would try to "sell" to our members the disgraceful pay proposals.

I think that all those implicated in this scandal - from the General Secretary down - should best resign now.

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Anonymous said...

I trust then that as a leading bureaucrat, sitting on the unions NEC you will immediately tendering your resignation?

Anonymous said...

Why would he do that? So the membership can be further hoodwinked!